New Campaign From Bzzagent: TPO

TPO stands for The People’s Opperator. A new cell phone provider running off of the Sprint network. So far I haven’t been getting all of the services in my package from TPO. My data service hasn’t worked right since I signed up. I need to call again to find out if it has to do with signal strength or something else. I will keep you posted.

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I am finally doing it! This blog is the result of too many blogs leading me on wild goose chases. The one thing I do promise is that I will personally check each link BEFORE I post it.
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One Response to New Campaign From Bzzagent: TPO

  1. doema2013 says:

    Update: I left TPO as soon as my trial was over. There were hidden charges, bad (Sprint) service and horrible navigation through the website/s. I would not recommend this service to anyone.

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