New Campaign From Bzzagent: TPO

TPO stands for The People’s Opperator. A new cell phone provider running off of the Sprint network. So far I haven’t been getting all of the services in my package from TPO. My data service hasn’t worked right since I signed up. I need to call again to find out if it has to do with signal strength or something else. I will keep you posted.

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#AttitudeAtTarget smells wonderful!!

Thank you @ATTITUDEliving @Influenster for the yummy smelling shampoo you sent me! #ATTITUDEatTarget. I keep trying to find natural products that are effective so I was super excited to get to try this for free! I really like how it lathered up and it smelled great!! I got the volume and shine product and I can honestly say that it added serious volume to my hair but lacked a little in the shine department. I think I will buy the conditioner so that I can give it an accurate testing. Conditioner is an absolute must for me!

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I didn’t realize that Uncle Ben’s had so many great options!! I am really looking forward to trying all of the flavors! Don’t forget to grab a coupon while you are over there! Basmatti or Jasmine, what shall I try next? I am happy I got to try this for free or I may not have known there is such a selection.

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Major shout out to @Influenster for my #NurtureVoxBox!!

As I posted before I received my sample bottle of Dramamine from Influenster. Every Vox Box I get from them is full of very useful and thoughtful items. I will post some pics later of my boxes. This time I got the Dramamine, Red Vines, Blue Lizard sunscreen (which I love, love, love!!), Uncle Bens, Ore Ida, Hada Labo face mask (Love), and Attitude shampoo from Target (which I haven’t tried yet). I will keep you posted on these products but at least check out and get some boxes of goodies yourself!

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Still Learning This But Want To Give A Shout Out To #nondrowsydramamine

I received a sample bottle of this from Influenster in my Nurture Vox Box. I was excited to try it on my daughter right away. She gets car sick when we go anywhere over about 20 miles away. It seemed to really help her! I am sooo glad to find something that has natural ingredients and will give her relief!!

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I am looking forward to my free sample from Swaggable!

Try Hemphearts for free from Swaggable

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Perfect Timing for the beginning of the school year!

Childrens Advil Sugar Free from Smiley360. Thank you for my free sample!

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Recyclebank combines two of my favorite things…saving the earth combined with savings in my pocketbook. I complete activities on Recyclebank that remind me of ways to save resources or recycle, etc, and I can earn points for them. You can also earn points for recycling by linking your account with your local waste management facility. I just ordered discount coupons for the local movie theater. Yeah, now I might actually be able to afford a trip to the theater. 

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Bzzagent Kroger Skillet Meals

Although I am still trying to figure out all of this blogging business I still want to share my latest bzzagent trial. I got to simplify my holidays by taking advantage of the Kroger Skillet Meals that really ready in just ten minutes. I got home from a long day of shopping, started up the stove, threw the contents of the bag in the skillet, put a lid on, and waited. While waiting I heated the garlic bread up and threw the salad together. ten minutes later dinner was served. The best part, it was absolutely delicious and the kids liked it too. I really can’t wait to try some of the other flavors like the Beef Stir fry. We has the Grilled Chicken with Penne. Good stuff!

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Favorite Quote

“People realize that we shouldn’t throw away trash carelessly…Well, we shouldn’t throw away people either.”

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